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Case 10

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A medical ward at QECH BlantyreYou are at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi.  A 25 year old woman has a 6 month history of fatigue, joint pain, pleuritic chest pain and facial rash. Three months ago at another hospital she was found to be unwell with a Creatinine of 500 micromol/l, Hb 8.2 g/dl, and urinalysis showed 3+ protein, 3+ blood. She was treated with some tablets (identity unknown) and a subsequent creatinine was 200 and Hb rose to 12 g/dl. Now she is unwell again.

On examination she has a rash around her nose and on her cheeks. She is febrile, 38.2C, and has mild swelling of her left and right MCPJ. She is slim and does not look Cushingoid. BP 155/87. There is no oedema and examination of chest, cardiovascular system and abdomen are normal. She has a platelet count of 50 and Hb 6.2g/dl, Creatinine 430 micromol/l, and urinalysis continues to show 3+ for both protein and blood.

  1. What is the likely underlying diagnosis?
  2. What (relatively simple) tests are important (i.e. will alter management)?
  3. Given that a renal biopsy is not possible, what would you treat her with?

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