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Virtual Clinic

Educational resources for renal medicine

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. Welcome to the Virtual Renal Clinic.  It is suitable for primary care practitioners, renal trainees, and the easier cases are good for undergraduates too. 

The cases are enquiries from primary care - real ones, sent to the Edinburgh Renal Unit's email advice line.  We may add outpatient referrals later too.  Your job is to sort out the ones that are suitable for advice (and give it), versus the ones that actually need to be seen, routinely or urgently, and explain why.  So to provide education and advice, to prevent patients worrying unnecessarily as a consequence of needless referrals, and to assign the right urgency to others. 

CASES:   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
11, 12, 12, 14, 15, 16, (etc)
(in bands of difficulty?)

I can't wait. Take me to Case 1 right away

Here you are at Renal Mission Control.  Thanks for the image to Kidney Research UK and Beth Shortt.  

These are your cases.  The top line are the easiest and are 'teaching cases'.  The rest are an exploration. 



  • Don't forget to expand "Show/Hide further info" after you have thought what additional info you would ask for or look up.  
  • Then write your answer in the box
  • Then you can click to see the advice that we gave to compare with yours.  
  • You can print out the whole page if you like.  

Useful background reading if this territory isn't familiar can be found at

Other useful info

  • An analysis of the subject of queries to the Edinburgh service (Duncan Birse; to follow)



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