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Educational resources for renal medicine

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  Resources for renal medicine. 
  All professions, all stages.
What do I need to know?
Other recommended resources

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Our Learning Resources on renal medicine

Good for:  M medical students; N renal nurses; C primary care, clinical officers; P postgraduate medicine

Click on the title to go there  
Textbook Our online elementary short textbook on clinical nephrology.  Clinical companion and learning resource - M N C P
Kidney disease in 3 minutes Lightning fast introduction - M , patients and anyone
Short cases From the Virtual Clinic series, a number of cases of inpatient and outpatient renal medicine, for teaching and revision. We want more. Send yours - M C P
Core presentations Outline core presentations that medical students need to know, with some links - M C
UTI A page of info beyond the standard textbook - M N C
Diet in renal disease Quite an advanced tutorial - M N P
Glomerulonephritis A page on Glomerulonephritis.  Quite an advanced lecture, how and what. Versions of glomerular diseases at Postgrad as well as Undergrad level.  Version with music to follow - M P
Interstitial renal disease Short page includes a short Flash lecture-type presentation on interstitial nephritis following on from Glomerulonephritis - M P
Fluid balance and therapy Online tutorial that revises fluid compartments and goes on to an introduction to fluid prescribing, with self-assessment (also in the online textbook) - M N C
JVP and fluid assessment resources From YouTube and free resources elswhere; beginner to expert - M N C  P
AKI Case-based tutorial Three interactive cases that go over many of the issues - M N C
Acid base teaching Gives a method to approach it by, and 6 cases to work through interactively - M N C 
CKD - a virtual clinic Many short, real primary care questions, with answers and links to learning resources (work in progress) - M N C
Hypertension tutorial Using a case, goes through the approach to diagnosis and management of hypertension, shows BHS-NICE summarised guidance, then covers the major classes of agent.  - M N C   
Rare and metabolic diseases ├»┬╗┬┐Advanced Nephrology Course level -  P

 Outstanding free resources from elsewhere

Click on the title to go there Good for:  M medical students; N renal nurses; C primary care, clinical officers; P postgraduate medicine
Hyponatraemia: two interactive cases Two excellent Flash animations on hyponatraemia from Mitch Halperin/Razeen Davids  - M C 
The UK CKD eGuide Work through this to gain an understanding of current primary care management of CKD.   M C P
NHS Clinical Knowledge Summaries
confusingly this seems remarkably similar:
Include a number of excellent relevant topics, see Kidneys on the left hand menu, then are listed a number of topcis including urinary tract infections of all types, and CKD.   Aimed mainly at primary care topics, but  very clear and recommendations are clearly justified.  From outside the UK you need to register to access this, but it is simple and free. - M N C
CKS on CKD Is particularly useful. - M N C
CKS on hypertension in primary care Is very good too. - M N C
Hypertension in pregnancy  

 Coming soon from us ...

Jeremy Levy's AKI cases   in preparation - M N C
Urine analysis and testing   in preparation - M N C
Also  ... (adapt ARF resource from Edinburgh ITU Y5? - M)
Video on examining the renal system: need to remake this
CKD resource - until new resources complete, the UK CKD eGuide is good


What do I need to know?

These are links to learning objectives in 'Pathways' for different professionals, unless you'd prefer the very basic introduction Kidney disease in 3 minutes


Other recommended free info sources

Increasingly, the place to go for things like this will be OpenMed , and the OpenMed renal curriculum , but here are some good Renal and other resources:

  • If you like lectures, Dr Adam Feather's pre-finals Renal revision lecture is good late revision (from Barts & The London Medical School).  One or two slips - renal hypertension isn't really all Renin, and his lists of causes of ARF/CRF are rubbish, for instance. Video, requires good bandwidth.   P
  • Kidney Research UK YouTube channel - not just research, also videos about CKD.   M N C
  • The History of Nephrology Blog is an introduction to the very informative history of dialysis and transplantation - why we do what we do.  It has links to other places but there is a more definitive list of history links on edrenM N C P
  • iTunesU has some lectures, mostly on anatomy/physiology.  Not so impressed with their additional value so far, tell us if you'd like to differ.  You need a good Internet connection to download many of them. - M
  • Pathology mini-tutorials , short video podcasts from Dr Geoff Hulman at Nottingham University are really good and some cover renal topics.  (Link should open iTunes store - otherwise go there and search for 'Pathology'
  • Learning Radiology short video podcasts from Dr William Herring at Albert Einstein, Philadelphia are impressive, and so is his website
  • See some book suggestions (free from a library) on our Textbook's further info page
  • Imaging: Radiopaedia is outstanding - thousands of relevant images, and also tutorials - Free to UoE students and teachers at
  • iPhone apps aren't free but many are inexpensive.  We like Acid Plus to learn acid-base balance (quite advanced, but play makes learning fun?) - M P


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