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Where to Find Free Online Resources

Educational resources for renal medicine

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Where to Find Free On-line Resources

·      Open University Openlearn-

High quality interactive modules on diabetes and many health related topics.

·      Medline Plus- This NIH (USA) resource has interactive online information on most diseases. Links in to research files, guidelines, patient handouts, clinical trials info etc.

·      Slideshare -  (use the search function to find your topic)- many audio lectures available. You need to register but it is free.

·      Medcyclopaedia- A one stop resource  for medicine. Search for your disease/ specialty to tap into lexical content, textbooks, cases, images and atlases.

·      Wilkipaedia- A free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit. Although not traditionally peer –reviewed it is usually very up to date and well referenced.

·      EPG online- is a medicines (pharmaceutical drug), disease and treatment knowledge base. It is funded through educational grants , pharmaceutical companies and medical support organisations . You need to register but it is free

·      eMedicine-

Free open access site containing comprehensive online fact sheets for most medical conditions (in 38 clinical areas). The evidence-based content, updated regularly by more than 8,000 attributed health care providers provides useful practice guidelines.

·      MIT open courseware-

contains a wealth of free course material, including courses on biology, brain and cognitive sciences, health sciences and technology. Some have accompanying audio files. MIT also has a huge section on iTunes containing hundreds of recorded lectures.

·      eVIP electronic Virtual Patients - contains a large number virtual patient interactive clinical scenarios, using ‘labyrinth’ technology.

eViP is a collaboration between nine universities located across Northern Europe (co-funded by the European Union).

·      World Health organisation website - contains a wealth of information on most common diseases. It links in to official publications, fact sheets, worldwide figure, technical activities programmes and events For diabetes-

·      GP Notebook- GPnotebook- an online encyclopaedia of medicine that provides reference resource for clinicians in the UK and internationally. Over 26,000 pages of information, some areas are more superficially covered than others.

·      iTunes- Download iTunes to get access to loads of medically related podcasts, and movie lectures.  Use the search function to find your topic.  The iTunesU section contains free teaching resources: lectures, discussions, audiobooks, podcasts, from many universities. The Health and Medicine Research Channel has hundreds of dowloadable programmes on subjects ranging from  Pandemic Flu to Mitral Valve repairs. Anyone can upload files so the quality may vary!

·      Yoracle-

A medical student site- contains a number of online revision resources including revision notes on many subjects and a few presentations

·      Google- goes without saying!

·      Open courseware consortium- The OpenCourseWare Consortium is a collaboration of higher education institutions and associated organizations from around the world creating a broad and deep body of open educational content using a shared model.  Search for materials by topic.



Restricted Access Resources (UK/ NHS or subscription):

·      E-learning for health (Free, but for NHS employees only)- contains a large number of e-learning resources covering many areas of healthcare.


has a large number of clinical modules (many interactive) on a huge variety of topics. Written by doctors for doctors. You need to be a UK doctor to register (with GMC number) but it is free.

·      Henry Stewart Talks -

Biomedical and life sciences resource collection carries a series of audio-lectures on various medical topics (use the search function to find your topic) .. there are 62 talks on various aspects of diabetes alone! This is currently available free through the University of Edinburgh library services (and other institutions) but otherwise there is a registration fee.


SIMSHARE- Simshare is UKCLE's open educational resources (OER) project, aimed at creating a repository of simulation resources

The Higher Education Academy/ JISC Open Resources Programme support the HEFCE funded Open Educational Resources (OER) programme which began with a pilot initiative in April 2009.


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