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Educational resources for renal medicine

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Edinburgh Renal Education Pages (author Neil Turner) contains a wealth of educational material about renal disease. It inlcudes an online textboook, interactive module, quizzes and clincial cases. Examples include acid-base tutorials,  and a flash presentation on intestitial kidney dieases. Also houses useful links to other external resources. Information is wide ranging and has suitability for all levels (resources are coded). Level- intermediate to advanced.

TUFTS opencourseware

Renal Pathophysiology- This course reviews how the kidneys adapt to extra-renal disturbances and explores disorders that arise from primary defects in kidney function. It coers basic anatomy and physiology through to clincal problems. Includes nice downloadable lecture notes with colourful diagrams and access to lecture slides (no audio). Level- basic to intermediate

Page last modified 15.07.2010, 09:21 by Debbie Wake. edrep and edren are produced by the Renal Unit at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and Univ. Edinburgh. CAUTIONS and Contact us. Note that the information published here is primarily intended for education, not for clinical care.