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Prescribing/ Pharmacology/ Drug Development

Educational resources for renal medicine

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Prescribing, Pharmacology and Drug Development


Principles of Drug Development- Presents principles underlying preclinical and clinical development of new therapeutic drugs and procedures. Includes lecture materials- pdf format slides (no audio). Level- intermediate


The Birth of a Drug- this interactive unit focuses on a specific case study, which follows the development of a drug for the treatment of high blood pressure. It is a particularly good example of the application of organic chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry, and illustrates the scientific processes that are involved in the development of any new drug. Time- 4 hours. Level- intermediate to advanced


Regulatory Requirements for Pharmaceutical Products- This course is built on a series of nice easy to follow interactive step through modules. It presents a detailed overview of the regulatory requirements for the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products (in the USA). Individuals involved in manufacturing, quality control, research and development, and clinical studies will learn the latest information. Level- intermediate

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