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Educational resources for renal medicine

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BSE and vCJD- This interactive module cover the biology, management and political furore surrounding so-called ‘mad cow’ diseases.

Time-15hrs Level- intermediate

Addiction and Neural Aging- This interactive module....(link not currently opening- fill in later)

MIT opencourseware

A clinical approach to the human brain -This course is designed to provide an understanding of how the human brain works in health and disease. It covers the regional anatomy of the brain and provide an introduction to the cellular function of neurons, synapses and neurotransmitters, commonly used drugs and common diseases.Gives access to lecture notes

(? should have dowloadable lectures on you tube/ itunes but I couldn't find this particular course using the links).

Brain and Cognitive Sciences:

Brain Structure and its origins- Outline of mammalian functional neuroanatomy, aided by studies of comparative neuroanatomy and evolution, and of brain development

Includes lecture slides and audio lectures (links to i tunes and internet archives) and exam papers (no solutions)

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