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Educational resources for renal medicine

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Understanding Cardiovascular disease- this interactive resource gives a comprehensive overview of what cause cardiovascular diseases, its impact and treatment. Time- around 15 hours. Level- basic to intermediate

EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY/ NHS Lothian author: Marc Dweck

The Edinburgh Cardiology Imaging Website (temporary url) - contains clinical cases combined with video/ still images for all major cardiac imaging modalities (MRI...etc)

Clinical Cases 

OPEN LABYRINTH contains a number of online interactive clinical scenarios 

Mr Angermeier- describes a 48 year old man presenting to A+E with chest pain. As the case progresses, you go through differential diagnosis as well as different management options for acute myocardial infarction. You have to decide on some initial investigations and interpret the results appropriately. The case goes through interpretation of investigations as well as indications and contraindications for each treatment modality. Prior to discharge, the patient develops shock, you will have to differentiate its type and formulate a management plan. Level- intermediate

Case- AV block


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