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Acute Medicine

Educational resources for renal medicine

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Acute Medicine

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES HANDBOOK- NHS Lothian/ University of Edinburgh

author: Graham Nimmo 

This is a fantastic comprehensive guide to the management of all adult acute emergencies. Skip past the first pages which relate to local NHS Lothian information. (need to upload pdf)


has a lot of educational material in their education pages including:

Identifying Sepsis Early information and guide for instructors (need to upload pdfs)

Rapid Sequence induction (add to anaesthetics too)- need to upload pdf

and a series of educational modules as part of their induction programme that work through management of various clinical scenarios including:

Assessment of the critically ill patient

Respiratory Failure



Monitoring in ICU

Liver Failure

Nutrition in ICU

Neurological Emergencies

Sedation and Analgesia

Acute Kidney Injury


More to be added soon

** also add some of these to Anaesthetics/ Renal/ Respiratory


UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH undergraduate medical curriculum

Interactive clinical cases taking you through the management of a number of acute medical scenarios:


ADD labyrinths




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